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transomatics was made on the unceded, sovereign lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations. I pay my respect to their elders past and present. Support First Nations people here.

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Stillness II transomatics

In this episode, we focus on stillness. we explore different stretches and poses that are designed to be held for longer periods of time. This is so you can sink into the feeling, go a little deeper.  transcripts available at transomatics.com contact: contact@transomatics.com
  1. Stillness II
  2. Stillness I
  3. Movement II

transomatics is a breath-work and movement guide, made by and for trans and gender diverse people.

It offers a trans-informed approach to body movement. This is for us to explore the relationship we have with our bodies.

It’s here to help us feel closer to our physical selves. We can often disassociate and otherwise feel disconnected from our bodies. And it’s hard to engage with movement practices that don’t take trans experiences into consideration.

transomatics offers a trans-informed approach to body movement. We hope it’s an entry-point to body movement for the community, so us trans and gender nonconforming people can explore the relationship we have to our bodies.

Season two of transomatics offers eight episodes across audio, video and corresponding transcripts. The first six audio episodes cover breath, movement and stillness. These themes are inegral to how we understand our bodies, what the body offers and what we can offer the body. Each theme is covered in two episodes in order to offer the audience a variety of entrance points.

The last two episodes are 30-minute videos with transcripts. Here, all three themes build on each other to deliver a holistic experience.

artwork by Rio Ramintas Withall: Rio is a Filipinx-Anglo, trans non-binary Graphic and Visual Communication Designer based on Wurundjeri Country. They have a particular interest in working with community run and grassroots orgs with the consideration of accessibility and intersectionality at the forefront of their work. See more on their website.

music by Tahl Katz: aka the producer/singer Queen Daddy. They refer to themselves as an RnB pop-daddy; with cute and cheeky lyrics sandwiched together with an RnB beat and soft pop-jazz vocals. stream their work on Spotify.

accessibility: most movement is done while lying on your back, or seated however is comfortable for you. i recommend having a rug, towel or blanket between you and the floor. you may also want a cushion for your head when lying down. episodes four and five involve standing and walking. transcripts are available as PDF and WORD documents for each recording.

Breath I

There is nothing more central than our breath. In this episode, we gently find seated movements and shapes. This let’s us explore how to move with the breath and discover our natural rhythm.

Breath II

A second iteration of movement through breath, this episode moves through seated and standing shapes to explore how movement can change breath. In moments of fear or stress, the breath can feel constricting. But there are little, simple shifts we can make to ease the body.

Movement I

In this episode, we will move through a sequence of sitting, on hands and knees, and standing. Repeating sequences of movement helps in various ways. We can synchronise with the body, be present in the moment, and embed bodily patterns and sensations into our daily lives.  

Movement II

In this episode, we explore weight transfers and balance while standing. working with balance makes it easy to perceive different muscles at work, allowing a more intimate understanding of our physical form. 

Stillness I

In this episode, we focus on stillness. We explore certain shapes that are easy to sink into, letting us feel stretches and twists within the body. holding positions for a while allows us to relax with each breath, and to fall more deeply into shapes.

Stillness II

In this episode, we focus on stillness. we explore different stretches and poses that are designed to be held for longer periods of time. This is so you can sink into the feeling, go a little deeper. 

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A project supported by Arts Gen and Transgender Victoria