learning to breathe in our trans bodies

this practice was developed and recorded on the unceded and sovereign lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations. I pay my respect to their elders past, present and emerging. support First Nations people by clicking here.

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the trailer transomatics

  1. the trailer
  2. episode one: skin
  3. episode two: psoas
  4. episode three: gut
  5. episode four: gravity
  6. bonus episode: dance

this practice is called transomatics. trans, because it is for our community. somatics, coined by Thomas Hanna, meaning “the body as experienced from within”.

artwork and editing by Fury: Fury has been writing poetry since they were 12. After a brief but intense stint in Melbourne’s spoken word scene, they settled into journalism and queer advocacy. They have recently branched out into writing for screen. see a collection of their work here.

audio editing by Iris Lee: Iris hates bios, but somehow sometimes is a writer. She has previously worked in hospitality and cleaning, makes community radio, and believes in collective social change. She is a white settler, queer and trans. see some of her work featured on Archer Magazine.

music by Tahl Katz: aka the producer/singer Queen Daddy. They refer to themselves as an RnB pop-daddy; with cute and cheeky lyrics sandwiched together with an RnB beat and soft pop-jazz vocals. stream their work on Spotify.

accessibility: most movement is done while lying on your back, or seated however is comfortable for you. i recommend having a rug, towel or blanket between you and the floor. you may also want a cushion for your head when lying down. episodes four and five involve standing and walking. transcripts are available as PDF and WORD documents for each recording.

the trailer

a short introduction to transomatics

episode one: skin

this episode will explore the skin we live in. we will get to know how the skin truly embodies us.

episode two: psoas

here we get to know the internal workings of our body, and how they all connect through our muscles, ligaments and fascia.

episode three: gut

our organs are the inner clockwork that keep us moving. Here we explore how we can take care of these vital parts of our bodies.

episode four: gravity

here we will actively engage with gravity, and strengthen our bond between our body and the earth.

episode five: dance

bonus episode! this one is to dance to, and celebrate your body.


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