deserves to feel comfortable

in their body.


My name is Sumarlinah, or you can call me susu. I made this practice for my trans siblings, to help deal with gender dysphoria. We are often told the solution to dysphoria is to alter our bodies to fit who we are. But surgeries and hormones are expensive, and for many of us even coming out as trans may not be a viable option right now, for whatever reason.

Transomatics is the soft suggestion that another approach may also be possible— to become closer to the body we live in.

This practice is a series of freely available recordings that will gently guide you through your body. I am trained as a contemporary and classical ballet dancer, and am non-binary/trans masculine. I developed transomatics to offer something to my community that could help us grow closer to our own bodies, and each other. I hope this practice can give you new knowledge about this vessel you move in, and how to tackle dysphoria by sinking into your body, rather than trying to flee it.


A project supported by cohealth Arts Generator


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Twitter: @smr_win

email: contact@transomatics.com